In April 2020, the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) shared the report “IOE Guidance on surviving COVID-19 and coming out strong”.

The report emphasizes on the responses of governments to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly saving lives and maintaining social stability above economics, as well as the vital role of employers in successfully achieving these goals. Furthermore, it highlights the challenges that business and employers will have to face as choices become more limited in light of implemented quarantines and firmer rules on travel.

The IOE created a guide that can aid employers in overcoming these challenges and achieving the aforementioned goals. With practices taken from leading HR professionals in the world, the manual outlines the following steps:

    1. Have (a) Dedicated Coronavirus Crisis or SWAT Team(s)
    2. Information — Responsibility and Sources
    3. Employee Communication
    4. Have an Exclusion Protocol
    5. Reinforce Good Hygiene
    6. Social Distancing in the Workplace
    7. Understand the Resource There to Help You and the Restrictions on You
    8. Working From Home
    9. Rewrite the Employee Relations Playbook
    10. Take Care of Your Executives and Managers
    11. Use Your Internal Resources Wisely
    12. An Opportunity for Learning


To access the full report, please click the link below:


Click here to access the full report



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