First published in 2009, the International Labor Organization (ILO) came out with a publication entitled “Business Continuity Planning: Guidelines for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” underscoring the overarching goal of “increasing resilience and mitigating risk to enhance preparedness for crisis recovery”.


The ILO launched efforts to combat the effects of influenza outbreaks on livelihoods and health and safety in the workplace. The ILO had two specific goals: 1) to grapple with the effects of the influenza strains (avian and swine) in the workplace, promoting good practices that can limit their spread and 2) to encourage preparedness in case of a pandemic.


ILO developed a manual that will serve as a practical tool to achieve the abovementioned goals. The manual outlines the steps in preventing and preparing for pandemics:


Step 1: Know your business priorities

Step 2: Analyze the risks of a pandemic

Step 3: Reduce the impact of the risks

Step 4: Identify response actions

Step 5: Design and implement your Business Continuity Plan

Step 6: Communicate your plan

Step 7: Test your plan


To access the manual, please click the link below.—ed_emp/documents/publication/wcms_115048.pdf


Click here to access the manual




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