ECOP Membership

Welcome the new members of ECOP!

Nine Reasons to Join ECOP

Policy Advocacy and representation

ECOP represents Philippine employers in various tripartite bodies and government agencies. We also articulate our positions on pending legislation in Congress and proposed policy issuances of the executive branch of the Philippine government.

executive labor updates

ECOP regularly conducts knowledge-sharing meetings to discuss new policy issuances on industrial relations, social policies, and related topics. These meetings include a segment for consultation on labor bills and policy proposals. 

Public seminars and training

ECOP conducts seminars and workshops meant to upgrade the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of employers, and executives on IR/HR concepts, policies, and best-practices. Any of the seminars and workshops may be conducted in-house based on request by a company.

Research Publications

ECOP publishes benchmarking tools that analyze trends on compensation, benefits, and collective bargaining agreements. We also provide various publications on laws and policies that serve as guides on how to become a more effective and responsible employer.

overseas technical scholarship

We offer training, seminars, and workshops on topics such as industrial relations, human resource management, and occupational safety and health organized in Japan. Interested members have to apply and go through a screening process for these programs.

Business case on workplace issues

ECOP conducts case-based workshops aimed at dealing with more common workplaces issues.   This workshop serves as a platform for benchmarking of corporate best-practices and sharing of survey results related to the theme of the workshop.


Provision of assistance, services, and support to companies on matters concerning their day-to-day workplace concerns and problems, specifically on industrial relations, human resources management, and occupational safety and health.


Get access to weekly written snippets on the activities of ECOP and latest developments in the field of industrial relations and human resources management sent by email blast and which are available on the ECOP website’s Content Library.


A gathering of company representatives to update members and prospective members on developments and issues on industrial relations and human resources management.


From Our Members

“Our company is an active member of ECOP since 2013. We joined in the hope of finding an accessible avenue of collective valuable information related to labor management relations. But ECOP gives us even more. ECOP adapts to the unique needs of its members and responds in an efficient and personalized approach. In ECOP, we can confidently say that we are valued and that our voice matters. Our continued membership and patronage to its programs, trainings, and other services is a choice that we don’t find difficult to make at all.’’

Grace Garcia-Membrebe

Sumitronics Phils., Inc.   

For years, ECOP has been the beacon of leadership in the Philippine business landscape that has transcended its dutiful representation not only towards the interest of its member establishments but also for the general welfare - in harmony - of labor and industry alike. With the ever evolving legal requirement in labor and business, ECOP has stood its ground despite the odds of social clamor, political pressure and shifting economic situations; and consistently forged its role as a pervading voice of employers in the country. Kudos to a job well done!

Rhoda Castro- Caliwara

Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors

"There is no better place to develop your business than Employers Confederation of the Philippines. I have been able to meet and do business with the nicest and most professional people. The networking is incredibly valuable. There are dozens of events every year which give small business owners a chance to meet one another. Also, ECOP helped APW gain wide visibility with current and future clients, and the speakers and their topics teach our employees, of all generations, the valuable leadership skills that are critical to their professional development.”

Anne D. Eugenio

Asia People Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how to join? Here are a few FAQs to guide you.

Who can join ECOP?

Any company and employer and business membership organization (EBMO) duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What are the different categories of membership?



  • Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) with more than ten (10) corporate or individual members


  • Duly-registered private corporations


  • Regional or Provincial employers’ organizations duly recognized by ECOP


  • Chambers of Commerce affiliated with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)



What are the requirements for membership?


  • Duly accomplished membership application form and information sheet
  • Company’s SEC registration and by-laws


  • Payment of annual membership fee and one-time payment of entrance fee

Still got questions?