The ECOP Helpdesk

The ECOP Helpdesk provides assistance to members and non-members who may have questions or concerns on issues regarding human resources management (HRM), industrial relations (IR), and occupational safety and health (OSH).

The ECOP Helpdesk can be accessed through the following platforms:

Table of Contents

  • Getting Started with the Helpdesk

  • FAQs | ECOP Membership

Answers to Common Questions on Philippine Labor Laws

Getting Started with the ECOP Helpdesk

What is the ECOP Help Desk?

The ECOP Helpdesk provides assistance to members and non-members who may have questions, concerns or problems on human resources management (HRM), industrial relations (IR), and occupational safety and health (OSH).

How can the ECOP Helpdesk be accessed?

The ECOP Helpdesk can be accessed through the following platforms:

  • Website: www.ecop.org.ph 
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Text/Call/Viber: +(63) 917 709 2742 or (02) 896-5006 loc. 117
  • Facebook: Employers Confederation of the Philippines
  • Twitter: ecop_ph
What kinds of services may be sought from the ECOP Helpdesk?
  • Answers to queries on workplace issues, concerns and problems
  • Updates, clarification and request for information on content, application and implementation of labor and social legislation, regulations, policy issuances, etc.
  • Drafting of workplace policies,  manuals, documents and other communication material
  • Consultancy on labor-related and workplace concerns
  • Referrals to experts or external resources
Who can avail of the services and assistance through the ECOP Helpdesk?

The ECOP Helpdesk is open to everyone, members and non-members alike.

Are these services and assistance for free?

It depends.

Requests for assistance on routine or simple queries that could be answered right away and without a need for extensive research are for FREE. 

When the kind of service  requires a more detailed face-to-face interaction owing to the complexity of the issue/s being presented which may result in the engagement of a consultant to dispense the appropriate advice over a technical concern, the design and installation of a workplace program/policy, or any other analogous situations, will be for a FEE. In such cases, an agreement will have to be signed between ECOP and the party before the rendition of such service will commence. 

ECOP members are entitled to a substantial discount when availing of the ECOP Help Desk’s services for a fee.


ECOP Helpdesk Focal Person

Virginia Angela V. Usero

External Affairs Coordinator

[email protected]  [email protected]

+(63) 917 709 2742 or

(02) 896-5006 loc. 117

FAQs | ECOP Membership

Who can join ECOP?

Any company and employer and business membership organization (EBMO) duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What are the different categories of membership?


  • Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) with more than ten (10) corporate or individual members


  • Duly-registered private corporations


  • Regional or Provincial employers’ organizations duly recognized by ECOP


  • Chambers of Commerce affiliated with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)
How does one become an ECOP member?

Interested companies and EBMOs must first fill out the application form which can be downloaded at https://ecop.org.ph/member-benefits/membership-application/ 

Who represents member companies and organizations at ECOP?

Under the by-laws, the President, Chairman, or CEO is the registered representative and the most senior IR/HR officer is the alternate representative. 

What are the requirements for membership?
  • Duly accomplished membership application form and information sheet
  • Company’s SEC registration and by-laws
  • Payment of annual membership fee and one-time payment of entrance fee
When is the membership and entrance fees paid?

The annual membership fee and the entrance fee are paid upon submission of the application forms and other requirements. 

How much is the annual membership fee?


Annual Membership Fee

Entrance Fee

Regular & Sustaining

Php 20,000.00

Php 2,500.00


Php 10,000.00

Php 500.00


Php 2,000.00

What is the period covered by the annual membership fee?

Payment of annual membership fee follows the financial cycle of ECOP which starts in January and ends in December. Correspondingly, the amount of membership fee for the first year is computed pro-rata from the time the application is approved up to end of the same year.

Example: Company A became a member in June (6th month)

Php 10,000.00 x  6/12 = Php 5,000.00 to be paid on the first year.

On the second year and thereafter, the company is required to pay the full membership fee.

What are the benefits of an ECOP member?

A good standing member can avail of the following benefits:

  • Substantial discounts on various products and services
  • Access to exclusive information on the latest developments in Human Resources and Industrial Relations issues
  • Preferential access to the ECOP Help Desk
  • Participate in special events exclusive to members only
  • Be “ground zero” in the implementation of various special projects
  • Overseas scholarships, if available
  • Receipt of copies of employer positions submitted to Congress, the DOLE etc.
Who can avail of the various ECOP benefits, products, and services within the member company or organization?

ECOP benefits, products, and services may be accessed and availed of not only by registered/alternate representatives but also by other officers or employees duly endorsed by the company. 

Who are entitled to the discounted rates for ECOP products and services?
  • Only direct members of ECOP in good standing can enjoy the discounted rates.
  • Indirect members (members of EBMOs affiliated with ECOP) may also avail of the products and services based on regular rates.
When is a member considered in good standing?

When it is updated in the payment of the annual membership fee. 

How is membership renewed?

It is renewed automatically on the anniversary date of a member’s acceptance. 

When does the annual membership fee become due?

At present, within the first three (3) months of a member’s anniversary date of acceptance. 

From 2020 the annual membership fee will become payable within the first quarter of the year (January to March). 

What happens if the annual membership fee is not paid on time?

A member becomes delinquent in which case the enjoyment of some privileges, such as discount to products and services, is suspended

May a delinquent member continue to avail of ECOP benefits, products, and services?

Yes, but the discount to products and services as stated above will be suspended until unpaid obligations are settled.

Answers to Common Questions on Philippine Labor Laws