Business Case #4
Uploan PH


Uploan is an innovative fintech company based in the Philippines that provides short-term loans and insurance coverage to its over 250 partner employers. The company was founded in early 2017 with a core mission to build a financially inclusive community through its secure, reliable, and affordable financial services.


Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Uploan has strived its best to protect its employees by adapting flexible and work-from-home arrangements, including the payment of their full salaries and a one-time cash assistance allowance. Moreover, throughout enhanced community quarantine, Uploan has to observe the following practices to sustain the engagement of its employees:


  1. Uploan All Hands Townhall Meeting

A bi-weekly meeting conducted every two weeks of the month, primarily to update Uploan employees regarding the new policies and procedures. It also serves as a weekly check-in that includes recognizing hard workers and celebrating milestones.


  1. #CheckUp Program

Uploan has also rolled out its free webinars and 1-on-1’s with certified counselors to provide mental health support among its employees during this unprecedented time.


Uploan’s 3-Phase Adaptability Plan

Uploan has also crafted an adaptability plan for post-ECQ guidelines to be observed by the management and its employees. The 3-phase plan includes: Phase 1 – Preparation, Phase 2 – Implementation, and Phase 3 – General adaptation.


During Phase 1, the internal admin has to prepare the office, implement all necessary safety measures, and weigh in the transportation system for commuting employees. Employees shall continue on a flexible work arrangement.


A skeleton workforce of no more than 50% shall be adopted in Phase 2, while the non-critical roles will remain on a work-from-home arrangement. Upon the implementation of the new safety measures, employees are allowed to report at the office during Phase 3.


General precautionary measures, such as the distribution of the disinfectants and face mask, observance of one-seat apart, maximum of 6 pax per meeting room, as well as mandatory health clearance, shall be strictly complied with by all Uploan employees and its management at all phases.







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