Business Case #5
Splash Corporation


Splash Corporation is a subsidiary of Wipro Consumer Care. It has business interests in manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of personal care goods in the Philippines and in the international market.

Splash Corporation firmly believes that the safety of its people should always be the paramount priority, particularly in uncertain times. That is the principle that guided the company in crafting its plan for recovery and for the re-entry of its workforce. It also took into consideration the omnibus guidelines of the different government authorities such as the DOLE, DTI, DOH, DOTr, and the local government units that have jurisdiction over the company, to ensure that all the measures to protect its people from any kind of risk are in place.

While its manufacturing operations continued during the ECQ/MECQ with the support of its skeleton workforce, the company only officially re-opened its offices on May 19, 2020. Majority of its employees in the manufacturing plant in Valenzuela City returned to on-site work, while a split-team arrangement where employees were divided into three groups who will alternately report on-site and work-from-home is being implemented in its head office in Taguig City.

To assure employees that Splash is a safe workplace, the company developed and activated its ‘Post-ECQ/MECQ Business Continuity Plan’ which includes but is not limited to the following protocols:

  • On Sanitation

    • Weekly cleaning and disinfection of the office
    • Disinfection of frequently touched objects every two hours
    • More frequent cleaning of the air-conditioning system
    • Weekly 6S Standards audit
    • Daily sanitation of shuttle services (before and after use)
    • Use of air purifiers to improve air quality and manage carbon dioxide
    • Disinfection of all documents/goods received
    • Installation of desk-cleaning tools stations


  • On Hygiene & Employee Support

    • Installation of hand-washing/sanitizing stations
    • Installation of foot baths
    • Distribution of rubbing alcohol and soaps to employees
    • Blasting of online resources on mental well-being
    • Partnership with HMO provider in offering online medical consultation services to employees
    • Provision of face mask to all employees
    • Support for employees who are suspected or confirmed to be COVID-19 positive


  • On Safety and Social Distancing

    • Implementation of social distancing and ingress protocols (e.g. thermal scanning, health declaration forms)
    • Provision of isolation room for persons who may need to be quarantined
    • Provision of a dedicated area for visitors only
    • Roving safety officers to monitor compliance to health and safety protocols
    • Re-layout of the office to observe physical distancing in work areas and common areas
    • Purchase of virtual meeting software licenses to enable secure teleconferencing
    • Coordination with and compliance to all requirements of the LGUs for safe return to the workplace


  • On Transportation/Accommodation

    • Provision of door-to-door shuttle services
    • Provision of lodging to employees
    • Implementation of mandatory Passenger Manifest for contact tracing


  • On Communication
    • Regular sharing of updates about COVID-19 protocols, company policies, and government advisories
    • Posting of signage/reminders in strategic places
    • Utilization of social media to engage and inform all employees about developments in the company


Aside from preparing the workplace, Splash Corporation also made efforts to help its employees to mentally prepare for their return to on-site work. The company released a “Back to Office” Employee Handbook which serves as an easy reference for the employees on the norms that they must follow as well as the simple steps they may take to protect themselves from any disease.


Moreover, the company also conducted the “#WelcomeBackSplashFam” Engagement Program to excite the employees about their return to the office. Part of the said engagement program is a personalized welcome tag placed in the new workstation of the employees. Likewise, meal subsidy and simple treats were given to those who reported on the first week of on-site work resumption.


The success of the re-entry plans was made possible,  not only due to the full support of Management on all the interventions to ensure employees’ safety, but also given the active involvement and cooperation of each member of the organization to transition to the new normal.





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