Policy Framework on Labor and Employment in the Philippines


Name of Project: Policy Framework on Labor and Employment in the Philippines
Status: Completed
Background: The policy framework highlights ECOP’s core advocacies and feature ECOP’s position on various labor and social policy issues. The policy papers submitted to both legislative and executive branches covering the past two years are collated and compiled into one publication.

The policy papers dealing with various issues of national interest are a good resource material for companies, policymakers, industry associations and other business membership organizations, and the academe. This framework will come in handy for employers and business membership organizations in advocating for policy reforms and articulating the same before policy and decision makers in various levels of consultation.

Objectives: Component 1: Advocacy

    1. To enhance the advocacy effort of ECOP through institutionalization and regular conduct of ECOP Flash Surveys and ECOP Learning Sessions,
    2. To further enhance the capacity of ECOP to produce reliable research outcomes that could support or promote its advocacies,
    3. To promote the improvement of the business environment in the Philippines through evidence-based policy position,
    4. To ensure that ECOP maintains its relevance, and
    5. To encourage members to express their views on issues and policies affecting businesses.

Component 2: Services

  1. To expand ECOP’s services to members employers, ECOP’s chapters and BMOs in the region, and
  2. To equip members employers, ECOP’s chapters and BMOs in the regions with information on employers’ position and views in the various issues affecting businesses.  
Contact: Name: Daniella Dominique Reyes

Designation: Senior Research and Advocacy Assistant

Mobile No.: +639171471274

E-mail Address: [email protected]

 [email protected]



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August 8, 2018

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