OSH for Young Workers: Increasing the Capacity of Employers’ Organizations to Promote OSH Compliance among their Members


Name of Project: OSH for Young Workers: Increasing the Capacity of Employers’ Organizations to Promote OSH Compliance among their Members
Status: On-going
Timeline: June 2018 – November 2018

Training of Trainers: October 2018

Background: In 2016, ECOP was identified by the ILO as one of its implementing partners in its new project entitled “Building A Generation of Safe and Healthy Workers or the [email protected] Project”. The project recognizes the importance of enhancing national capacities to monitor and enforce OSH laws and regulations, particularly those relevant to young workers. As such, it pursues collaboration with the social partners, including those representing employers, toward building capacities for OSH promotion. As an organization with a long history of successful collaboration with the ILO, ECOP sees this new undertaking as a good opportunity not just to scale up its existing OSH program but also develop and strengthen the capacity of its chapters to deliver OSH related program and services among its members.
Objectives: With almost half of the labor force as millennials, ECOP sees the collaboration as very timely and relevant because both OSH and the entrance of millennials in the labor force are the two (2) most current issues that will greatly affect the labor market and the human resource management in the Philippines.

Taking all these arguments into account, ECOP would like to pursue the following:

  1. Develop and strengthen the capacity of Employers Organizations (ECOP National, ECOP Chapters, and selected Industry Associations e.g. Manufacturing, Construction, and Agriculture) to promote OSH compliance as core business strategy among its members.
  1. Conduct of training needs assessment or rapid appraisal among the identified business organizations to determine the level of understanding, technical knowledge, and relevant skills related to OSH with primary focus on young workers.
  1. Develop and organize relevant training programs for the identified business organizations on OSH with focus on the following:
    1. OSH Compliance as Core Business Strategy,
    2. OSH in Relation to Productivity
    3. OSH for Young Workers (Behavioral OSH, Life Skills, Healthy Lifestyle)
    4. OSH Communication Plan (OSH Messaging)
    5. TOT for Business Organizations (OSH Toolkit)
  1. Develop training tools that will help in the promotions of OSH compliance among the identified business organizations, particularly in selecting good OSH practices among enterprises focusing on young workers and on measuring return of investment (ROI) on OSH based on enterprise practices.
Contact: Name: Neil Don Orillaneda

Designation: Regional Affairs Coordinator

Mobile No.: +639173026926

E-mail Address: [email protected]

 [email protected]



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August 8, 2018

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