“How do we remain resilient? It is abundantly clear that there is no way out of this crisis but to work together with one collective goal—survive and adapt, build a better normal for all,” VP Leni Robredo said during the opening ceremonies of the virtual conferencing of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines’ (ECOP) 41st National Conference of Employers (NCE) held on 3 August 2020, where she was guest of honor.With the main theme: “The 21st Century Employer: Digital, Agile, and Resilient”, VP Robredo delivered the keynote address.

In her message, VP Robredo remained in awe of ECOP’s dedication to ensure a thriving and level playing field amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She noted that the world as we know it has changed, many have lost their jobs, even established businesses are facing challenges, and 75% of companies have already felt the blunt force of the pandemic.

VP Robredo also called on everyone to intensify efforts in order to move towards a better normal with the imperative becoming clear, “We have to embrace technology to make sure that no one is left behind and build bridges where we can. We must rise as one society, as one country.”

As the country has begun to shift back to MECQ, VP Robredo reminds the participants that best practices have shown that an effective healthcare yields more resilient business.

Being leaders, there is a need to see the casualties in the dynamics of our response. The task is to pull together with the rest of the society and focus our energies in defeating the virus first.

“As we hear each other’s ideas on how to overcome the challenges of this pandemic, I have no doubt that we will find ways where to collaborate—reimagine a future that works for all, empower the community where you belong, do good and honest business, contribute to the honest nation building. Nothing less than forging a fair and humane society,” VP Robredo said as she closed her speech.

This year is the third time the Vice President graced the opening ceremonies of ECOP’s biggest event. VP Robredo has been ECOP’s Keynote Speaker for NCE 39 and NCE 40 in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

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