In May 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) released another edition of their guidance for the private sector in addressing and responding to COVID-19. The keynote brochure prominently featured ‘ASKS’, the International Organization of Employers’ COVID-19 business response platform and related publications on managing the crisis, teleworking and safe back to work.

The document outlines the critical roles that the public sector has to undertake locally, nationally, and globally in addition to public health measures that have to be followed to support countries to prepare for and respond to COVID-19.

The WHO lists the following “Asks” for businesses to take concrete actions to protect against COVID-19:

  1. Protect your stakeholders
    1. Protect the health of your staff, community, service providers and clients
    2. Protect jobs and livelihoods
    3. Support WHO
  2. Protect your business
    1. Put business continuity plans into action
    2. Prioritize supply chain continuity
    3. Maintain essential support infrastructures and services
    4. Protect jobs
    5. Act responsibly towards your suppliers
  3. Essential supplies
    1. Produce, where possible, essential supplies
    2. Repurpose, where feasible, production facilities
    3. Provide in-kind contributions
    4. Make supplies and services available
  4. Financial
    1. Provide financial support through the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund
    2. Support NGO and community needs


To access the full brochure, please click the link below:


Click here to access the brochure



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