“This is the time to really play the role of leaders. If we are looking at resilient organizations, we should start with resilient leaders — leaders who are able to provide guidance to the company, show compassion and empathy to those below them, and embody crisis leadership which is anchored to the Filipino resilience. I think this is the time to show visionary, out-of-the-box thinking.” This exhortation was made by Mr. Jose Mari Del Rosario, Vice President of of the Philippine Hotel Owners Association Inc. (PHOAI), one of the resource speakers during a recent ECOP virtual pre-Conference session entitled “The Resilient Employer: ‘Never-Say-Die Culture and Business Continuity”.

The session is a part of ECOP’s 41st National Conference of Employers (NCE 41) with the central theme: “The 21st Century Employer: Digital, Agile, and Resilient” running from June 30 to September 4, 2020.

In his statement, Mr. Del Rosario addressed his plea on leadership, not only from the government but also to company owners.

Moderated by Ms. Florian Rhiza Nery, the panel also consisted of Mr. Gary Rynhart of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Ms. Veronica Gabaldon of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF).

During the discussions, Mr. Rynhart noted that business continuity requires two things: (1) identification of risks and (2) putting in place mitigation measures to reduce those risks in business.

“Business Continuity Management (BCM) and the business continuity plan (BCP) in itself are not going to guarantee your business but having a BCP in place means your chances of surviving are great and without it, undue risks are higher such as health, economic, political, infrastructure, social, impact on migrant workers, and environmental,” he explained.

PDRF, represented by Ms. Gabaldon, on the other hand, also emphasized the importance of BCPs. She noted that BCPs must be updated and reviewed regularly by doing tabletop exercises, as well as preparing contingency plans and an assigned focal person who shall take the lead should a crisis arise.

The speakers tackled the impact of the ongoing pandemic to the world of work and what makes for resiliency in a business organization to ensure continuity. Discussants also imparted initiatives and practical prescriptions for companies in fostering a ‘never-say-die’ mindset.

The next pre-Conference session entitled “Benchmarking Lessons Across Countries” will air on 23 July 2020 at 3:00 PM (Philippine Time) via Zoom. The whole NCE series will be running until 4 September 2020.


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41st National Conference of Employers

3-7 August 2020

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The 41st Virtual NCE will feature four main topics focusing on (1) the Digital Employer, (2) the Agile Employer, (3) the Resilient Employer, and (4) Policy Reforms to Restart the Economy.

In addition to the abovementioned Conference sessions, the 41st Virtual NCE will also deliver pre- and post-Conference webinar sessions that will revolve around the four main topics which are designed to complement the Conference-proper topics. These pre- and post-session will run through June to July 2020 and August to September 2020, respectively.

The 41st Virtual NCE will allow participants to learn from local and international resource speakers through presentations, forums, and panel discussions. Participants will also be able to engage with our resource speakers through a moderated Q&A.

The year 2020 brought changes to the world of work and businesses were forced to adapt and adjust policies, practices, and plans. ECOP’s 41st Virtual NCE shall help prepare and equip businesses with creative approaches to respond to challenges of the future of business and work. By helping to bridge the gaps, we can encourage a new generation of employers to contribute to the economy.



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Pre/Post Conference (per episode) Php 690.00 Php 790.00 Php 490.00 Php 590.00


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