ECOP conducts its SDG Network’s inaugural activity

Last 26 April 2024 at the 1898 Hotel Makati City, ECOP, with the support of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), conducted the inaugural activity of its SDG Network, a dynamic consortium of member companies that have undergone the SDG Value Scan.

In 2023, ECOP has been able to reach a significant milestone through the SDG Value Scan service, a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at assisting companies like yours in identifying the SDGs most relevant to their business. Developed with the invaluable support of DI and further localized through the collaboration with the EMS Group of Companies and the FIF Foundation, Inc., the service epitomizes ECOP’s collective commitment to fostering sustainable business practices.

For the Network, ECOP aims to facilitate the integration of sustainable development principles across the business landscape, driving corporate responsibility, innovation, and collaboration towards achieving the SDGs. Conceived as a consortium of enterprises embracing sustainable practices, participating companies can exchange information, knowledge, and resources on sustainability initiatives. Members also have the opportunity to directly seek support from ECOP to streamline the implementation of their sustainability endeavors.

Resource speakers from DI graced the event including Mr. Tobias Hansen, Director of Projects and Partnerships at DI – India, Ms. Anne-Louise Graves Sandby-Møller, DI Global Adviser for Sustainable Business Development and ESG Networks, and Mr. Ben Banemann, DI Global Adviser for Networks, who facilitated a learning session among the SDG Value Scan pilot enterprises illuminating the transformative potential of engaging with the SDGs and their role in achieving ESG compliance. Participants gained invaluable insights into best practices, emerging trends, and strategic approaches to embedding sustainability within their business operations.

The SDG Value Scan pilot companies who were present in the event included EMD Technologies Philippines, Philippine Manufacturing Company of Murata, Philippine Exporters Confederation, Tulay sa Pag-Unlad Inc., Empire East Land Holdings, Danish Trade Union Development Agency, Pandayan Bookshop, and Universidad de Zamboanga.

The SDG Network will be officially launched during ECOP’s 45th National Conference of Employers (NCE) in June.