ECOP participates in ITCILO training on strategic lobbying and communication for EBMOs

Last 3-6 October 2023, ECOP participated in a three-and-a-half day workshop on Strategic Lobbying and Communication for Advocacy including Social Media organized by the training helm of the International Labour Organization, the International Training Centre (ITCILO). The workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand under the Employers’ Activities Programme (ACT/EMP).

Prior to the face-to-face event, participants from employers and business membership organizations (EBMOs) across the globe attended four (4) weeks of distance learning via the ITCILO’s e-Campus platform.

With the current economic crisis affecting the world, uncertainty gives way to social confrontation and where the space for social dialogue must be kept open. In this context, EBMOs must be prepared to respond the needs of their members, keeping within sight the overarching objectives of peace, stability and social cohesion. With this in mind, the training course focused on increasing the participants’ knowledge, skills and providing tools to strengthen EBMOs’ capacity to effectively advocate and positively influence policy change in a developing countries context.

The workshop was facilitated and headed by Mr. Jorge Illingworth, Programme Manager of the ITCILO, and Mr. Vladimir Soto, Communication and Design Consultant of the ITCILO. ECOP was represented by Advocacy and Communications Specialist Angela Usero and Digital Engagement Specialist Mae Malaya.