As part of the project “Strengthening Bipartite Relations at the National and Enterprise Levels”, FEU – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (FEU-NRMF) conducted its second activity on November 28 to __, 2019  under the action plan which its union and management jointly have crafted.

The activity which focused on situational leadership was a workshop on  “Leading Effectively. ” It enabled the participants to experience how three (3) timeless values-based leadership principles – building commitments, managerial grid, situational leadership – could proactively bring about harmony and productivity in a unionized workplace. More than 30 representatives from the management and union attended the workshop facilitated by Ms. Vivencia Chaves, Director of the HR Management and Business Solutions Inc. (HRMBSi).

It was a highly interactive two-day workshop with integrated group discussions, case studies, personal assessment exercises, role-playing, and film showing that generated insights on how to lead effectively.

The next activity of FEU-NRMF will be a workshop on “Effective Communication Skills Workshop for Management and Union Representatives”.

ECOP and its partner organizations are looking forward to the enterprise-based activities that will be conducted by the other participating companies.

The initiative is in partnership with the Confederation of the Danish Industry (DI) which aims to promote a more pro-active and mutually beneficial relationship between labor and management.

FEU-NRMF is one of the nine (9) companies that was nominated by the trade union partners to join the project and attend thematic workshops facilitated by DI, as well as craft an action plan on locally-initiated programs, activities, and/or events that both management and union want to implement to enhance trust and confidence between them.


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