The coronavirus pandemic forced many micro, small, and medium enterprises as well as start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to either temporarily/permanently shut business down or explore alternative and creative solutions in order to survive. Digital technologies have enabled many businesses and entrepreneurial activities to create opportunities and embrace the new normal to thrive and remain afloat in this very trying time.


The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), in partnership with the Dutch Employers’ Cooperation Programme (DECP), has developed a series of online sessions that aim to equip participants with a concrete understanding of what digitization and digitalization is and help them create an actionable guide that will help them identify business areas ideal for digital transformation.


The program, which will run weekly starting 30 June 2020, will feature five episodes to be conducted online. The subject matters are 1) Digital Employer: 5W’s and 1H, 2) Taking Your Business Online: Rebuilding Business Operations through Digital Transformation, 3) Selling and Marketing in Times of Crisis and Post-crisis, 4) Building Brand Awareness through Social Media, and 5) Digitizing the Employer, Employee, and Customer Experiences.


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