In 2018, the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) partnered with the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization to bring its project to the Philippines entitled “Promoting Responsible Business Conduct in Supply Chain Intermediaries”. Through this project, ECOP was able to orient and familiarize around 500 Filipino employers on the various elements and facets of responsible business conduct and occupational safety and health. As the project is expected to formally end soon, ECOP took the opportunity to convene human resource officers and safety practitioners for a discussion on occupational safety and health last 29 August 2019.

The meeting entitled “Usapang OSH: Tips on Compliance to R.A. 11058” was attended by seventeen (17) human resource officers and safety officers who are key actors directly involved in developing company policies and specific programs and strategies on occupational safety and health in their respective workplaces. ECOP in-house OSH practitioners Ms. Dang Snyder, Ms. Shiela Ramos, and Mr. Neil Orillaneda provided updates on the salient features of Department Order 198-18 and the reportorial requirements set by the Bureau of Working Conditions. The participants also shared during the meeting the good practices on occupational safety and health being observed in their respective workplaces.

After the discussion, Mr. Ray Tadeo, ECOP Training Manager, and Ms. Lani Rivera, ECOP Membership Manager, formally launched ECOP’s OSH Network. The OSH Network is a platform for learning and sharing among representatives of ECOP’s member companies. The members of OSH Network could discuss policy issues such as pending labor bills and proposed issuances of DOLE on occupational safety and health and other related issues. To date, twenty (20) companies have pledged their commitment to be a member of the OSH Network.

OSH Network is part of ECOP’s initiative entitled ECOP Networks which aims to convene employers and discuss thematic issues including industrial relations and human resource management (IR/HRM) and corporate social responsibility and responsible business conduct (CSR/RBC).

Membership in ECOP Networks is free. To know more about ECOP Networks, you may contact Ms. Lani Rivera at




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