On June 17, ECOP held the 43rd Members’ General Meeting for its members. With the theme “Caring for your Workforce’s Well-Being Amidst a Global Health Crisis”, the latest MGM was the first to be held virtually in a continued effort to keep our members apprised of pressing developments in the world of work even during the pandemic.


ECOP President Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr. welcomed the attendees by assuring them that ECOP has continuously been working to provide the most relevant and innovative services even during the quarantine. He also noted that while existing services continue to be offered, ECOP has also introduced new programs, platforms, and services for its constituents. Partnerships have also been strengthened and intensified in order to develop new online courses in the context of the ‘new economy’. He also emphasized that ECOP continues to innovate and provide relevant and timely advocacy support, information, services, and interventions.


The first speaker, Mr. Genesis Kelly Lontoc, a Yaman Coach from the Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corporation, shared invaluable tips on how to handle finances and how to continue to do well financially especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Aside from finances, since more Filipinos have become greatly concerned with their well-being because of the outbreak and consequent quarantine, juggling mental health alongside physical health and other responsibilities has become a challenge. For the second topic, Clinical Psychologist and consultant Dr. Nelly Z. Limbadan presented the struggles of managing one’s mental health during the COVID-19 crisis and how to overcome or better address them.


Finally, Ms. Ging Igual, licensed Global EQ Practitioner, discussed how people can effectively manage their emotions during a pandemic. Focusing on stress, Ms. Igual imparted knowledge on how to avoid stressors, or how to deal with them more effectively when they become unavoidable.








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