“This year, our call is for both government and the private sector to strive towards reform, rebound, and recovery,” Mr. George Barcelon, Vice President of ECOP and the NCE42 Organizing Committee Chair, announced in his speech during the 46th Members General Meeting (MGM) of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines conducted on 25 March 2021 via Zoom.


The National Conference of Employers or NCE is the most important and biggest event of ECOP. Mr. Barcelon explained that ECOP treats the NCE as an advocacy vehicle, and not just a mere gathering of employers and corporate executives.


“It is through this event that we are able to massively raise awareness, voice out our stand on the most controversial and contentious issues, and come up with collective action that will push forward a business agenda,” he said.


With the theme “Reform. Rebound. Recover.”, the said conference will be composed of various subject matter experts who will provide crucial information and stimulate the discussions on 1) emerging trends and current policy issues, 2) good business practices 3) policy gaps and issues, 4) policy reforms and recommendations, and 5) calls to action.


“We need the support of the entire business community. While our mandate is to be at the forefront representing employers in policy- and decision-making processes, it is crucial that we hear your insights and views, especially those that are coming from the ground reflecting the realities of enterprises.”


NCE42 will have five half-day sessions slated at 1PM to 4PM on 21, 23, 25, 28, and 30 June 2021 via Zoom.





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