The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), together with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Department of Labor and Employment – Occupational Safety and Health Center (DOLE-OSHC), will jointly organize a Zoom webinar entitled “Stop the Pandemic: Safety and Health at Work can Save Lives” under the series “Employers and Workers in the Time of COVID-19” on 7 May 2020, 2:00 pm, as part of the 2020 celebration of World Day for Safety and Health at Work.


The discussion will focus on the return to work scenario during this pandemic crisis.


A resource person from ILO will discuss necessary preparations and measures to be implemented once return to work under a risk-controlled scenario is allowed. It will be followed by a series of discussions from the tripartite constituents consisting of DOLE, ECOP, and workers representatives from the private and public sector as well as from the informal economy.


Companies and enterprises including members of ECOP, local government, trade union, and workers associations will participate in the webinar. The webinar will serve as an avenue for dialogue on the importance of ensuring safety and health at work, not only to protect the lives of workers but also to ensure business continuity.


For more information, you may get in touch with ECOP CSR Specialist Shiela Marie Ramos at [email protected]. To register to the webinar, please click on the link:





Stop the Pandemic: Safety and Health at Work can Save Lives




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