Selecting the right employees has always been and will always be the concern for companies who want nothing but the best for their reputation. Little did everyone know that it is not solely about selecting the right employee but creating a company culture that makes an employee the right person for the job. On 15 May 2020, ECOP, in partnership with Wadhwani Foundation, held the third episode entitled Building an ‘A’ Team for your Enterprise: Getting the Right People to do the Job under the series “Prescriptions for Business Survival and Sustainability in a Pandemic”. The third episode is dedicated to discovering what it really takes to have the right employee.


The discussion revealed the opposite of what everyone is expecting: ‘one does not find the right employee; instead, the culture of the company makes any employee right’. In this regard, there is a shift of focus towards building the culture of ‘A’-ness in the company. The company must establish and uphold a culture that attracts employees: a culture that gets people to do the right job, not getting the right people to do the job. Considering that not all ‘A’ employees would want to work for your company, it would be a difficult job to hire ‘A’ employees only.


According to the main resource speaker, Dr. Vinod Shastri, the ‘A’-ness culture that a company should build must include two essential characteristics – care and trust. A company must know the value of caring for and trusting its team members in order to boost their confidence and do their job well. Rather than spending more time in finding the right employee, the right employee will come to the company.


The panelists also shared their insights with regard to building the culture of ‘A’-ness in their company. It has been emphasized that the person to be hired must share the same values as that of the organization. It is the responsibility of the company to envision the ‘A’-ness it wants to achieve.


Watch the recorded video here:

Building an "A" Team For Your Enterprise: Getting the Right People to Do the Job

Join us at the session 3 of ECOP's webinar series entitled "PRESCRIPTIONS FOR BUSINESS SURVIVAL AND SUSTAINABILITY IN A PANDEMIC".Session 3's topic is "Building an "A" Team For Your Enterprise: Getting the Right People to Do the Job".Tune in and comment your questions down below!

Posted by Employers Confederation of the Philippines on Thursday, 14 May 2020


The fourth and final episode, entitled “Getting Venture Capital for your Enterprise: Finding Capital to Start Your Business”, will air on 22 May 2020 at 3:00 pm. To register, please click this link:




Episode 4:

Episode 4: Finding Capital to Start Your Business: Getting Venture Capital for Your Enterprise





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