“As an employer, it is our duty to see to it that our employees feel safe whenever they are tasked to do their jobs. Whether they are in our offices, or working from home, they need to feel secured and protected to be able to achieve their full potentials,” Dr. Vivien Co-Say, ECOP Governor, said in her opening speech during the webinar “Keeping the Workplace a Safe Space: Employers at the Forefront” held last 24 March 2021 via Zoom.


The virtual event was organized by the Employers Confederation of the Philippines’ to clarify the salient features of Republic Act 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act and help the participants understand the roles and responsibilities of employers in contributing to the protection of their employees and making the workplace a safer space that is violence-free and harassment-free.


“In celebration of the initiatives and efforts for women empowerment, ECOP has championed the causes and aims to protect the women in the workplace.  We have been actively conducting training workshops to advocate a safer workplace,” Dr. Co-Say explained.


“The Safe Spaces Act is a good start for everyone. In order to make it successful, we must do our part in order to realize its true essence.”


Through the webinar, ECOP expects to help companies operationalize the applicable provisions of the Act to everyone in workplaces and assist them in coming up with appropriate company policies to protect their employees from gender-based sexual harassment and violence.


Speakers who were part of the discussion included Dir. Karen Perida-Trayvilla of the Department of Labor and Employment – Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns, Ms. Julia Abad of the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment, and Atty. Krisma Guyala of Nestlé Philippines.








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