The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) is in the forefront of advancing employers’ interests in all labor, social, and employment issues through proactive engagement and representation at the national, regional, and international levels. Our vision is to lead business towards shared prosperity and sustainable development as the official and recognized voice of employers in the country.

As we celebrate ECOP’s 46th year, we remain steadfast in and fully commit to the task of bringing about a business environment which can survive, thrive, grow, and expand despite the many threats and risks of the continuing pandemic. The promotion of an economic landscape conducive to investment and employment generation for the benefit of our countrymen, especially the poor and the marginalized, should be a continuing aspiration.

We strive to foster responsible employers. ECOP calls on companies and employers to conduct themselves responsibly, taking into account not just national regulations, but also international standards. We must all contribute in the national effort towards addressing the COVID-19 situation through the promotion of responsible and ethical business practices within our respective enterprises and communities.

We endeavour to promote sustainable business. ECOP enjoins the business community to conduct business in a way that contributes to sustainable development. Companies, big or small, must be more socially accountable by undertaking responsible and ethical programs that will contribute to our efforts to create an enabling policy environment for human development.

We aim for an inclusive workplace for all. ECOP signifies its strong commitment of promoting workers’ participation in policy- and decision-making processes and championing diversity and empowering all types of workers in the workplace, regardless of sex, gender, ability, age, religion, and race. Businesses must ensure that their policies and programs promote harmonious labor-management relations. Companies must take more decisive and concrete actions and treat gender diversity and inclusion like the business priority it really is.

Responsible Employer. Sustainable Business. Inclusive Workplace.

To our members, tripartite and bipartite partners, stakeholders, and friends – thank you for your continued support and commitment to ECOP’s advocacy. While there are many challenges in this journey, ECOP looks forward to our country’s rebound and recovery which will only be made possible through trust and collaboration between and among the government, the employers, the workers, and other stakeholders.

Cheers to 46 years!

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