During an action planning meeting held in August, VGCCI was able to identify the official establishment of its labor-management committee (LMC) as its priority under their action plan. Both management and labor believe that the LMC will enable both parties to have a more harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship, especially during CBA negotiations as well as their day-to-day activities.

This is under the ECOP and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) project entitled “Strengthening Bipartite Relations at the National and Enterprise Levels.”

At least nine (9) companies have been nominated to participate in this initiative wherein the management and labor agree to conduct enterprise-level activities that will enhance trust and confidence between them and improve the existing dialogue mechanisms in place through various capacity-building programs such as thematic workshops and their own action plans.

To provide a thorough introduction about LMCs, ECOP has engaged the expertise of Ms. Nenette Fernando, ECOP Consultant and Mr. Rodrigo Catindig, National Vice President of the Federation of Free Workers (FFW), to conduct a two-day orientation workshop on LMCs last November 18 to 19, 2019.

Through the seminar, the management and union of Valley Golf were able to share their thoughts on how they could jointly and separately contribute to the sustainability and productivity of the company. They also agreed that a harmonious relationship could be maintained through trust, communication, commitment, and accountability.

The workshop also discussed the importance of the individual in an organization.  Although there are different roles for each individual, these roles have equal importance and that there is a need to cooperate with each other and be synchronized and organized.



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