The Kapatiran sa Industriya (KAPATID) Award is a biennial awards activity of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP). Launched in 1995, it recognizes companies that exemplify good business practices in the areas of industrial relations, quality and productivity, responsible business conduct, and strategic visioning and partnering for business growth and job generation. Practices that are characterized by enterprise-level cooperation and harmonious relationship between management and employees, whether in a unionized or non-unionized setting, resulting in labor and enterprise productivity, product/service quality, improved workplace conditions and enhanced relationship with society.


  1. Industrial Peace and Harmony

    This covers approaches and strategies that allow and encourage labor and management to collectively identify, discuss, understand and act on issues affecting their relationship. This must specify the major achievements of both parties in any or all of the following:

    • Employer and Employees Cooperation
    • Dispute Resolution
  2. Productivity and Quality

    This refers to the joint effort of the employer and workers to ensure productivity as well as the quality of products and services consistent with internationally accepted standards.

    • Productivity
    • Quality Assurance
    • Customer Satisfaction
  3. Responsible Business Conduct

    Responsible business conduct involves legal and social compliance to ensure decent work and sustainable business growth. Businesses must ensure sustainability by establishing programs and policies that have long-term positive impacts not just for the company, but also for the community where they operate.

    • Compliance with labor standards
    • Responses to societal expectations (CSR)
    • Business sustainability


  4. Strategic Visioning and Partnering for Business Growth and Job Generation

    In a globalized economy, upgrading and adjustment of business policies and practices, specifically in HR/IR areas, must be a way of life for companies. They have to deal with the ever-changing rules of the policy environment, HR/IR, technology requirements, market situation, and nature of competition. Companies must be forward-looking and pro-active, not only to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead but also to effectively deal with a crisis situation attendant to a volatile economic environment.

    • Dialogue Framework
    • Job Preservation and Creation


Traditionally, the winners are announced during the National Conference of Employers.

Application forms may be downloaded from here:



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