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Research Publications

Corporate Compensation Survey

Contains updated figures on executive and rank-and-file salaries and benefits in local and multinational firms presented by:

  • Job title
  • Ownership Nationality
  • Employment Size
  • Regional Work Base
  • Market Orientation

Latest edition:


PHP 24,000 – Non-members

PHP 12,000 – ECOP Members

Collective Bargaining Agreements Survey Report (CBA)

An updated and easy-to-read reference material for CBA planning for unionized firms, for company policy designing for non-unionized firms, and for academic purposes.

Contains recent figures on corporate salaries and benefits, actual CBA economic and political provisions, related local and international labor standards, and trends in salaries and benefits.

Latest edition:


PHP 12,000.00 – Non-members

PHP 6,000.00 – ECOP Members

Legal Guidebook for Effective Employers

A series of handbooks that provide alternative, convenient, and user-friendly information on frequently asked topics on special laws affecting labor, discipline and termination, kinds of employment, wages and benefits, and trade unionism and CBA. Includes the following volumes:

  • Kinds of Employment
  • Labor Dispute Settlement
  • Labor Relations
  • Labor Standards
  • Special Laws
  • Termination of Employment

Latest edition:


PHP1,999.00 – Per set

PHP399.00 – Per volume

Policy Framework for Improving Labour Market Efficiency through more Effective Job Skills Matching in the Philippines

A research study undertaken with the support of the International Labour Organization Bureau for Employers’ Activities which aimed to influence government initiatives to reflect employers’ views and needs in the national skills policy framework as well as improve labor market outcomes in the Philippines through better matching between skills demand and supply in the automotive, electronics, and hospitality sectors.

Price: PHP 999.00

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ECOP Statement on Inflation

ECOP Statement on Inflation

Inflation is a two-headed monster that can sink or propel a nation, economically speaking. Moderate inflation can actually spur economic activity.  Deflation or the opposite of inflation, where prices actually go down due to decreasing demand for goods and services...

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ECOP Position on 14th Month Bill

ECOP Position on 14th Month Bill

Senator Vicente C. Sotto recently introduced Senate Bill No. 2 entitled “An Act Requiring Employers in the Private Sector to Pay 14th Month Pay”. The Bill provides for a mandatory payment of 14th month pay to all non-government rank and file employees every year...

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ECOP Opposes Increase on PhilHealth Contribution

ECOP Opposes Increase on PhilHealth Contribution

The National Health Insurance Program (Philhealth) invited ECOP in a public consultation to get inputs and guidance on major policy decisions that will impact the members and stakeholders, particularly regarding the increase on the Philhealth contributions for...

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