To: ECOP Members/MGM Participants
 • Survey on Members’ General Meeting (MGM) Topics
 • Survey on Contracting and Outsourcing
ECOP, through its Research and Advocacy Department, is running an online Survey on Contracting and Outsourcing. In line with this, members are encouraged to participate and respond to the survey.
 • Survey on Future of Work: Preparedness of Business and Industry

2-5 »  Basic Occupational Safety and Health
26 »  Forming and Sustaining Labor Management Councils
30 »  Engaging Today’s Young Workforce Through Effective Employee Engagement Strategies
SEPTEMBER 2016 [-]
OCTOBER 2016 [-]
3-4 »  Conflict Management
5-6 »  Competency Based Human Resource Management
12 »  Downsizing with Less Pain
18-21 »  Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH)
24-25 »  Management Training Program (HIDA/AOTS)
27-28 »  Effective Business Writing
NOVEMBER 2016 [-]
DECEMBER 2016 [-]
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About ECOP
Unifying employers to a common ideal of national prosperity amid industrial peace, the EMPLOYERS CONFEDERATION OF THE PHILIPPINES takes the lead in consolidating and articulating the employers’ interest in matters concerning labor-management relations and socio-economic development.
ECOP strives to achieve this by meeting the following specific objectives:

-  Formulate and recommend policy proposals on all issues affecting labor-management    relations, as well as on other social and economic policy questions before government    agencies and tripartite councils in regional, national, and international conferences
-  Enhance professional and ethnical management practices and standards for effective    and harmonious labor-management relations
-  Encourage and ensure the success of the tripartite consultation machinery to enable    workers, employers and government to work harmoniously and effectively towards    greater productivity and national progress
-  Promote corporate social responsibility based on enlightened self-interest
-  Assist employers in continuously strengthening labor-management relations and    improving productivity and competitiveness

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