The International Labour Organization (ILO) Country Office Manila culminated its “Strengthening the Impact of Trade on Employment in the Philippines” or STRENGTHEN Project last 18 September 2019 at the Makati Diamond Residences.

The event was opened by trade section head of the EU delegation to the Philippines Mr. Maurizio Cellini followed by a presentation on the overview of the project by STRENGTHEN Project Chief Technical Advisor Mr. David Cheong. Key findings of the knowledge products generated for the project were also presented. These knowledge products include: The Country Report on the Impact of Trade on Employment in the Philippines; the Employment and Skills Implications of Moving to Non-Traditional Coconut Products; and the Labor and Employment in the Philippines’ International Trade Agenda: Institutional Mapping and Gap Analysis.

Messages of support and ways forward were also heard from social partners. A stakeholders’ workshop was conducted in the afternoon to identify strategic action points for trade and employment.

Mr. Ortiz-Luis attended the event as the President of ECOP and PHILEXPORT. He articulated his gratitude for the project and the interventions that have been done. He reiterated that ECOP and PHILEXPORT shall also take an active role in promoting and advocating for the strengthening of trade and employment among its membership and to other affiliated business organizations.



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