The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) is currently implementing its Strategic Framework which covers the period 2018 to 2023 where its annual work program is anchored on. On its third year of implementation, the ECOP Board of Governors during its January 2020 regular meeting approved the updated Strategic Framework identified key priorities for the year 2020.

Building on the Strategic Framework’s objectives for ECOP to be more member-driven, more service-oriented, and more proactive, the ‘2020 Flagship Programs’ focuses on three (3) areas: 1) effective membership engagement; 2) innovative direct services delivery; and 3) proactive policy advocacy.

Several programs were identified as priorities for the year: OSH Academy, the Compliance Plus, full activation of the other features of the Helpdesk, the E-campus, and the EBMO Academy.

The OSH Academy will be the brand of the training courses and consultancy services that ECOP will conduct as an accredited safety training organization (STO).

The Compliance Plus program, on the other hand, involves the conduct of a comprehensive assessment and/or audit of companies’ compliance to general labor standards and responsible business conduct (based on international instruments) as well as the provision of technical assistance to companies in addressing compliance gaps.

The second and third tiers of ECOP’s Service Helpdesk, which consists of consultancy and legal representation, shall be activated this year.

A deployment of online courses and support tools (i.e., webinars, mini-lectures, quizzes, assessment tools, reference materials, and online courses) in the e-learning platform to enhance existing delivery system is also underway and shall be known to members as the E-campus.

Lastly, the EBMO Academy shall provide training to officers, executives, and staff members of employers and business member organizations (EBMOs) on leadership, management, and governance, and license soft skills modules to interested industry associations and companies to increase their employees’ productivity.



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