COVID-19 is a highly communicable, new viral infection affecting almost all countries in all age groups. It is here to stay like viral influenza. For now, COVID-19 may be prevented and treated by public health interventions like community quarantines, lockdowns, and isolation.


When the lockdowns are lifted, Filipino workers will have to return to work. Most of them will be healthy but still susceptible to COVID-19. Learning Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) is the only appropriate technology now until a safe and effective vaccine is approved by the Department of Health. An easy-to-implement, affordable, and sustainable anti-COVID-19 program should be operational in all workplaces.


The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) will organize a webinar entitled “Shielding Workplaces from COVID-19” under the series “Ensuring Occupational Safety and Health under a Risk-based Scenario” on 27 May 2020, 10:00 am.


The discussion will focus on 1) complying with government regulations and recommendations and 2) institutionalizing BCCs in workplaces and expanding the same to families and communities.


Resource persons are Dr. Francisco Salcedo Cruz, a public health expert on COVID-19 through learning BCC, and Dr. Clarito Cairo, a medical specialist on public health.


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