ECOP mourns the passing of one of its Governors, Dr. Alfonso G. Siy (June 19, 1947 – March 26, 2020).

He was an industry champion and pioneer who was mainly responsible in developing the export market for fishing nets that made the Philippines at par with the world’s leading brands. He was an entrepreneur with a vision as he diversified businesses in the areas of plastics manufacturing, leisure and recreation, banking, and real estate development, which created job opportunities for thousands of Filipinos.

More than a businessman, Dr. Siy has rendered selfless service to many organizations he leads, by actively implementing projects for the benefit of underprivileged and vulnerable sectors of the society, and forging numerous partnerships that foster “education, and entrepreneurship, coupled with hard work and perseverance”.

He was also a passionate advocate of sound management principles and corporate governance.

In 2013, he was awarded the highest and most prestigious recognition given to an outstanding entrepreneur and employer, the ECOP Gawad Lakan ng Kalakalan. Dr. Siy was a steward of business and economic development not just in the Filipino-Chinese community, but in the entire Philippine business community as a whole.

Dr. Siy also served as President of the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. and Philippine Plastics Industries Association. He is the President and Owner of the Fortune Net Group of Companies, Ace Water Spa, and other properties. He also held top executive and directorial positions at Citystate Savings Bank, Philippine Airlines, and other companies.


Rest in Peace
ECOP Governor

June 19, 1947 – March 26, 2020




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