The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), in partnership with European Union (EU), International Labor Organization (ILO) and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) organized a technical seminar on the implementation of international expectations and standards on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) /Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) at Marriot Grand Ballroom last 25 July 2019 at Marriott Grand Ballroom.

Khalid Hassan, Director of ILO Country Office Manila, opened the seminar by reiterating ILO’s intent to create a safe space for businesses to share best practices and discuss challenges in addressing decent work issues as emerging forces shape the world of work.

In another opening message, Ms. Stephanie Venuti from of OECD said “Agribusiness by working together, can act to ensure that business relationships do not lead to adverse impacts on people, the planet, and society. It is time to move from policy to action, and we have tools to do so.”

The highlight of the seminar was the presentation and discussion on the initial findings of the “ILO RSCA Project Research Study on the Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chains in the Philippines and Responsible Business Conduct towards Economic and Social Upgrading”. The study showcases relevant RBC/CSR cases in the country that achieved the up-gradation of the double bottom line (economic and social) supply chains including those outside the fruits and vegetable supply chains). It also analyzes the employment and labour issues as well as the competitiveness and productivity aspects of the banana value chain. The study was conducted and presented by Dr. Aleli Quirante and Prof. Adela Ellson.

The seminar concluded with a workshop afternoon session which aims to discuss the way forward in promoting responsible business conduct in agribusinesses.

Mr. Sergio Ortiz-Luis gave the closing remarks where which he reiterated ECOP’s commitment in fostering increased awareness of CSR and RBC international principles.

The event was attended by over 150 members of government and employers including ECOP, PCCI, and PHILEXPORT member companies.





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