The Philippines is on the road to recovery as our economy has started to reopen after eight months of community quarantine have been implemented by the national government nationwide, to date.


New infections and death rates due to the COVID-19 are going down, which is seen all over the country, including Metro Manila, the epicenter of the outbreak. Filipinos have been mandated to wear face masks and face shields when out in public, measures proven to have nearly 100% protection from the deadly virus. However, the virus is still out there, and we have to remain vigilant in following minimum health requirements to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Since businesses are already reopening across the country, ECOP believes that new measures should be implemented, especially in the workplace, to ensure that a second lockdown will not happen again.


One key measure we are considering is staggered work shifts, wherein workers are allowed to adopt work shift schedules starting for example at 7 a.m., 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., that would eventually help spread rush hours over more hours, ease public transport demand and road congestion, and enable more workers to communicate to the workplace and back home in less time. With this in place, commuters are afforded more convenience and safety as they spend less time in public spaces and long crowded queues to get a ride.


As such, we strongly encourage our members, industry associations and the Philippine employers as a whole, to implement this measure to the farthest extent as soon as possible in order for us to win the fight against the said virus. We also encourage you to find ways to help smaller companies participate in this vital initiative. However, please note that this is voluntary in nature, and not mandated by law.





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