ECOP was recently invited by the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board – National Capital Region (RTWPB-NCR) to participate in the public hearing that reviews and aims to increase the current minimum wage of domestic workers.

From the current monthly minimum wage of PhP3,500 per month in the NCR, there has been a clamor from several groups to increase the monthly minimum wage of domestic workers.

Although no petition has been filed before the Board and no amount has been identified, the RTWPB-NCR decided to review the minimum wage motu propio.

Private employment agencies (PEAs) were present to air their position that they find no objection in increasing the minimum wage pointing out that it is about time. A business owner from a Chinese chamber shared the same sentiments, stating that their members even pay way higher than the minimum wage.

However, ECOP and the workers group Association of Minimum Wage Earners and Advocates (AMWEA) made a call to the Board that, before making any decision, a balance must be observed between the needs of the domestic workers for improved conditions and the capacity of the household helpers to pay. ECOP cited that not all household employers are business owners. A large majority are middle income and minimum wage earners who, like the domestic workers, are trying to make both ends meet. “Any excessive increase will impact the household employers’ ability to hire a domestic worker and maintain a family with two-income earners”, ECOP said.

A decision by the Board will be made and announced in the coming days.

ECOP was represented by its Advocacy, Research, and Communications Manager Abigail Gorospe.





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