ECOP Batangas conducted the 1st ECOP Batangas Labor Laws and OSH Forum last October 26, 2018 at Palazzo Antonio, Lipa City, Batangas. It was attended by about 130 employers, IR/HR practitioners  and exhibitors.

The objective of the 1st ECOP Batangas Labor Laws and OSH Forum was  to provide updates on new labor and occupational safety and health (OSH) laws and regulations to employers. It was also envisioned for employers and their  representatives to discuss  concerns with  government agencies through a one-on-one consultation in the helpdesk which they set-up.

Subject matter experts from DOLE Batangas, Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), OSH Center, ECOP – CALABARZON, and DTI were invited to share their insights.

Ms. Cristina Barayang presented and explained D.O. 183-17 “Revised Rules on the Administration and Enforcement of Labor Laws pursuant to Article 128 of the Labor Code, as renumbered” and its compliance requirements. She also explained the MOA between PEZA and DOLE, where in DOLE will conduct technical inspections of all PEZA Locators.

Deputy Executive Director Engr. Jomar Batino, speaker for RA11058 and Accreditation of OSH Practitioners, highlighted the salient provisions of  the RA 11058 also known as “An Act Strengthening the Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for the Violation Thereof.” He said its  implementation should  trigger employers and businesses to think more seriously about compliance to the OSH standards. He explained  the broader scope of responsibility and accountability of the employer relative to compliance to the OSH standards as well as incident occurrences. This includes, but not limited to, monetary penalties for OSH violations, employers’ joint and solidary accountability with subcontractors, health and safety plan for submission to and approval by the DOLE for other industries (not only for construction), and stop work authority given to all employees.

Division Chief Ms. Marissa C. Argente, speaker for Barangay Micro Business Enterprise, gave an overview of the Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE), its benefits, and the opportunities it presents to everyone, even to employees.

Major Elaine B. Evangelista, speaker for BFP Compliance, presented the key points necessary to comply with RA 9514 “Fire Code of the Philippines”. Major Evangelista also presented the MOA between PEZA and BFP, wherein the BFP will now conduct the fire safety inspection of all PEZA locators. Having received the most concerns among the speakers, she encouraged the participants to formally convey their specific concerns to her officer. Wherein, she will use this information to plead with their Regional leadership to help employers obtain compliance.

Engr. Noel Nocon, ECOP Batangas President, presented ECOP CALABARZON, its advocacies and the value it offers to employers and business owners. It lobbies and pushes forward the interests of the employers at government forums and tri-partite meeting and discussions. He also presented the various training services  that member employers may avail of. With all of these said, he encouraged the participants convince their respective employers to join ECOP and become a member.

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