ECOP participated at a 3-day training course organized by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO) and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on the topic “International Labor Standards and Reporting Obligations: A Tripartite Training for the Philippines”. The workshop aims to strengthen the awareness of stakeholders in order for them to be able to more effectively attend to the needs especially of those who are negatively affected.

In general, international labor standards are created so as to be able to comply with the three reasons provided by the preamble of the ILO constitution: (1) Humanitarian reasons, (2) Political concerns, and (3) Economic considerations. Currently, these labor standards are not only being utilized by the government alone but also other actors which belong to either the private or public sector.

In terms of the role of ECOP in ensuring compliance with the international labor standards, various training services are being offered to facilitate the proliferation of companies who become aware of responsibilities they must undertake as well as encourage them to incorporate into their practices the standards set by the ILO insofar as labor is concerned. In terms of reporting obligations, ECOP is yet to find ways as to how to be able to actively submit their comments either to the government or directly to the responsible committee of the ILO.

The 3-day workshop was attended by various stakeholders who have direct obligations with regard to the preparation of the reports needed: (a) various government bodies, (b) private sector, and (c) labor sector. ECOP was represented in the training by ECOP North Luzon President Salvador Poserio, ECOP active member Butch Guerrero, and ECOP Advocacy and Research Assistant Jhoyzel Nacisvalencia.



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