Seeking for alternative solutions to deliver learning to students remain to be the topmost priority in the education sector. With the opening of the 2020-2021 school year approaching quickly, schools are still having difficulties in providing students with alternative learning modes. As one way of response, the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) held a webinar on 11 June 2020 which aims to augment the gap in terms of digitizing and digitalizing education in the country.

During the presentation, the need to come up with solutions on how to digitize existing manual education contents as well as the urgency to create new digital contents was highlighted. These two are necessary to facilitate the smooth transition of continuing learning to the new normal. By digitizing existing contents, schools are able to leverage the current digital platform to accommodate what has been prepared so far. Given the fact that the private sector has existing services that may be shared to the schools, an academe-industry partnership has been highly suggested in which DepEd will tap the private sectors which has  the capability to provide assistance in the digitization of education materials. A case in point would be the on-going training provided by Accenture to faculty members of a certain university in the country. In this effort, the design of an augmented curriculum, combined with the upskilling of teachers, has played an important role in transforming the university’s approach in providing learning to their students. On the other hand, it has been mentioned that digitalization is an imperative in order for learners to continue learning and be prepared if an abrupt circumstance may arise again.

As emphasized during the discussion, the response of stakeholders is crucial in paving the path towards digital transformation of education. The initiative of the education sector plays a very important role for change comes from within. With schools gearing up to ride the tides of the new normal, efforts must be focused on adapting solutions that will ensure the smooth sailing of the transformation towards a digital world. Instead of focusing on the deficits of the system, start with working on the strengths and capitalize on existing capabilities.

ECOP was represented by its Advocacy and Communications Assistant Jhoyzel Nacisvalencia.






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