JANUARY 17 – 31, 2019


The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS) will be conducting a training entitled “Program on Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management” on January 17 – 31, 2019 at Tokyo Kenshu Center (TKC), Tokyo, Japan. The total number of participants for this program is 20 and will be coming from different countries, such as: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Lao P.D.R., Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines,  Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.



The program aims to deepen participant’s understanding of the Japanese Labor situation as well as the Japanese practices in Industrial Relations (IR) and Human Resource management (HRM) through the lectures and company visits. This program also tends to explain the basic concepts of the human resource management that are based on fostering trust in the relationships between employees and management.



The course will consist of the following elements:

Lectures by specialists and experts

  1. Lectures by specialists and experts The lectures such topics as below will be conducted by the specialists or the experts:
  • The background and recent trends in industrial relations (IR) and human resource management (HRM) in Japan;
  • HRM, wage and performance appraisal system;
  • Labor-management communication; and
  • Human resource development (HRD).
  1. Company Visit Participants have opportunities to visit companies for them to observe the management practices of Japanese companies.
  2. Workshop Participants discuss the cases on certain topics of some Japanese company.
  3. Individual Work and Presentations Participants are requested to prepare in advance a pre-training assignment. This contains current issues and situations their company are facing, and make a presentation to share this with their co-participants. During the seminar, participants are advised to draw up an Action Plan, which will be presented on the final day of the program, based on the skills and knowledge acquired through the program. And will be implementation upon their return.



  1. Lectures by specialists and experts
  2. Visits to Japanese companies for study (Tokyo and Nagoya)
  3. Group discussions and presentations by participants



Junior to middle managers or specialists of HRM/HRD Department, who have responsibilities for IR, HRM, and/or HRD in their companies.

  1. Persons who are currently engaged in the fields of IR, HRM and/or HRD from Employers’ Organizations or their member companies.
  2. Persons who are junior to middle managers or potential future managers or specialists with more than two years of working experiences in the fields of IR, HRM and/or HRD.
  3. Persons who are recommended by both the employer’s organization and their employer.
  4. Persons who can most benefit from the program and apply the lessons of the program in their daily working environment.
  5. Persons who are able to fully complete the program and to carry out two tasks. The one is to make a presentation on their ‘Action Plan’ on the final day of the program and to send a modified ‘Action Plan’ to AOTS upon their return home. The other is to send the ‘Evaluation Sheet for the Participant’s Organization’ to AOTS upon their return home.
  6. Persons who are able to disseminate the learning experiences and knowledge acquired from the program after returning to their organization with the cooperation of their Employers’ Organization.
  7. Persons who graduated from either a four-year college or university course, or have an equivalent educational background.
  8. Persons who are not over the age of 45 and not younger than 25(*).
  9. Persons who are physically and mentally able to attend the program. In ensuring good health, pregnant candidates are not considered.
  10. Persons who have a good command of both written and spoken English. (If a candidate was not educated in English, a document which proves his/her English proficiency, e.g., official TOEFL or TOEIC score, should be attached.)
  11. Persons should not be students or armed forces personnel.
  12. Persons who have not attended Employers’ Organization Cooperation Program previously in Japan over the past five years.

* It is strongly advised that the candidates’ age fall within the range of 25 and 45 in order to maximize the outcome (i.e. dissemination of the result of the program) and benefit from their participation in the program. If the candidates are under 25 or over 45, we will not be able to accept them even if other requirements are satisfied.


Terms and Conditions

Participants are requested to confirm their agreement with “Terms and Conditions for Participation in AOTS Program,” which includes the following conditions:

  1. Participants shall obtain a “Temporary Visitor Visa” by submitting the invitation documents supplied by AOTS to the Japanese Embassy or consulate in their country. AOTS may cancel the invitation of participants who enter Japan with the wrong kind of visa.
  2. Reservation of tickets for air travel to and from Japan will be made by AOTS and the tickets will be sent to each participant in the form of an e-ticket through the travel agency. All participants are asked to ensure that they have made all the necessary arrangements on their side before starting their journey to Japan. A participant who is unable to enter Japan before the beginning of the program will lose his/her place. AOTS will arrange their flights for arrival in Japan one day before the program begins and their flights for departure one day after the program ends.
  3. Participants are not allowed to change the route, flight class or date without the endorsement of AOTS. Participants are not allowed to overstay at the city(ies) in a third country between participants’ home countries and Japan for any reasons other than flight convenience. If participants change the flight route by themselves, AOTS may charge them the cost of their air ticket.
  4. Participants shall not be accompanied by their family members to Japan during the program.
  5. Participants shall not request AOTS to arrange, nor arrange by themselves, any additional program for themselves during or before/after the program. Participants must attend all lectures, discussions, visits and ceremonial programs arranged by AOTS.
  6. Participants shall leave Japan and return home upon completion of the program in Japan according to the original schedule proposed by AOTS.
  7. Overseas Travel Insurance Overseas travel insurance for the entire period of the program in Japan will be arranged by AOTS. This will cover the cost of treating illnesses and injuries (excluding illnesses contracted or injuries sustained before the participants’ arrival in Japan, and certain treatments such as dental care and pregnancy treatment, etc.). For details of the insurance, please see the Application Form of the AOTS Program.

[NOTE] The following expenses will be borne by the participant:  Fees for passport issuance, health checks, visa application fee, travel expenses in your country, etc., that are incurred in the participant’s country for preparation to come to Japan before his/her departure.


Program fee:


*Inclusive of international airfare (local airfares in the Philippines and other transportation expenses not included), accommodation for the whole duration, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), transportation abroad, program fee, training materials, and daily subsistence allowance.

*Exclusive of local travel taxes and local fares or transfers


Application guidelines

  1. Only complete requirements will be entertained
  2. Only 1 applicant per company
  3. Program fee should be settled once the participant is already accepted. In the event that the applicant has been selected and there will be unforeseen circumstances in the company/personal that the participant will withdraw the his/her participation, the participant/company will still be paying the program fee plus the international airfare to and from Japan.
  4. Only ECOP members with good standing are eligible to apply the course.


Deadline of submission of nominations will be on October 31, 2018


For inquiries, please email Mr. Ray Tadeo at or call 5009851 or 09175505635.



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